When I heard this summer session was only going to take place over nine classes, I wasn’t sure how it was going to function. I was so used to writing a carefully put together blog over a week, and I couldn’t imagine writing nine blogs of that caliber in so little time. It ended up being easier than I thought. This class definitely taught me how to consolidate my research and writing time to one fifth of the time it took me to write them last semester.

It also helped because this class had far better group cohesiveness than last semester, so I got a lot more out of this nine day session than I did out of an entire semester. Everybody seemed very friendly and intelligent, and our discussions were full and productive. I always woke up wanting to go to class.

This class on psychology of education was so interesting, I almost wanted to be a teacher just to implement my learning strategies and see if they would work.

I think Jesse was right this morning about not interjecting so much into the discussion. I think the odd comment is fine, but fostering an environment of learning means that us as peers have to be the ones to call each other out when someone presents something that doesn’t seem relevant, or is a little bit left field. When Jesse says that someone is wrong (while he is correct) the discussion does indeed stop, and no one really challenges that authority. So I guess for future classes, act as more of a course facilitator, and interject when it really seems like the discussion is getting off topic.

That’s all! I hope to take future classes! Just keep changing the course name, Jesse!


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